2014 New Years Prayer and Watch Service

What you will learn in this episode:

What is a Watch Service

What this year can have for you.


What is your purpose in Life as a child of God!

What you will Learn in this episode.

  • Your Status as a Child of God.
  • Your Responsibility as a Child of God
  • The Mystery of Christ.
  • How to recognize a child of Christ is by their kindness
  • Your Authority as a Child of Christ.

Praying with Confidence Pt. 2

You will learn the witnesses for praying with confidence

You will pray with confidence pt1.

Sunrise Prayer Service:

You will learn the first three tests to praying with confidence:

You will have prayers that receives Results against discouragement

Sunrise Secrets to Prayer Broadcast

You will learn:

How to pray against discouragement

What should motivate your Prayer.

The three things you must do in prayer.