Prayer Against Discouragement


Prayers Against Discouragement

You will learn how to get prayers answered against discouragement.

Prayer and Waiting

What you will learn in this episode?

Be careful what you say when waiting on God.

What happened to you when you wait on God?

Why you do not trust your own strength when you are waiting on God?


Prayer that Prevails Pt 2

What you will learn in this episode:

What we learn through Prevailing Prayer?

What happens to us through Prevailing Prayer?

What should our response be to God in prevailing prayer?

Prayer that Prevails PT1

What you will learn in this episode.

Where to have Prevailing Prayer.

What do you do in prevailing prayer compared to other forms of prayer.

When do you stop prevailing prayer?


Praying with fire to pray effectively

what you will learn in this episode.

How to pray  effectively?

What type of praying does this involve?

What you must do before you pray?

What you cannot do when you pray  in this manner?

Why should you pray this way/

Where does your prayers need to reach?