Secret #1: Focus on what you have control over and always start with yourself first

How many projects have you started, and never completed because you stressed yourself out over the minute details? There is a saying “stressed spelled backward is desserts (unknown author). In other words, enjoy the pleasures of life. Take a step back and gather yourself and consider.

Noah, he did not  spend time worrying about the animals God chose, or how they were going to board the boat; neither did Noah concern himself about the rain flood, he pressed his way through. It is essential that we learn to follow Noah’s lead and trust God for every detail of our life that is beyond our power. Being consumed with worries, you have no control over can block the flow of God’s miraculous power manifesting in your life.

Secret  #2: Look at Nature. (Matthew 6:26-33.).

This world brings about many challenges such as food and shelter, finances, pressures of relationships, our children, job market, and survival.  Jesus teaches us the simple principle of trust through nature. Birds do not worry where the next meal comes from, nor do they worry about where to live, they believe God .Consider this ” If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down (unknown author).

The Bible says that you are more important to him than the birds, therefore; if the birds trust him for their needs, then you should do the same.).

Secret  #3: Give your worries to God. (1 Peter 5:5-7).

Do you constantly ponder your thoughts carrying unnecessary stresses and anxieties on your shoulders daily? The definition of anxiety is fear of what might happen. The Bible teaches us through Peter that we must learn to submit to God’s authority, and know he can change any situation. Peter was a fisherman, and he tells us to cast off or “throw your anxieties” to him upon God because he loves you .

Let’s take the mindset of a customer dropping off dirty laundry to the dry-cleaners. They give the soiled garments to the clerk, grab the ticket, with no worries about how it gets cleaned. Trusting God, for what you stand in need of, and believing that he will handle your situation is all you need to do, worrying is not a part of the package.

Secret  #4: Pressure to Prayer

Pressure is defined as the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with or oppression.

Let me tell you about a man named Paul, who was under enormous life and death pressure. Worries or pressure like these causes loss of sleep. There will be times when our money or friends will not be able to help us to escape our situation. But Paul tells us to be prayerful in everything no matter the circumstances. (Phil. 4:6) You may be in that situation right now that seems unbearable. Turn all of that pressure or worry into a prayer and watch God shake your situation like he did for Paul.( Acts 10:6)

Secret  #5: Train your thoughts Phil:

How we act is how we think. God . The lord is first to tell us the power of positive thinking. (Phil. 4:7). He tell us to think on things that are true such as facts and not to delve into  worrisome rumors or gossip. God tells us to exercise our thought life with things that have a good report.  Fix your thoughts on things that are true or worthy.  Target your minds to things that are righteous  and centey your thoughts  on things that are pure or morally without corruptness and immorality of this world.


Workout your brain to remove uncleaness and to lift people up. We cannot be boxes for people to insert gossip, negatve ideas from the media , etc. Negativity will only bring down your spirit.

Use the secret of training your thoughts with positive thinkng to quit worrying.

Secret  #6: Attack Spiritual Obstacles

The very first book of the bible tells us that everyone that is born in this world is born is overwhelmed by negative thoughts every day. The challenge before us is do we allow these worrisome negative thoughts to remain in our minds or do we attack to remove them. The lord tells us that if we speak to those thoughts those thought they will be removed. Attack these imaginations or obstacles by casting them down as soon as they manifest in our minds before they get a grip or stronghold in our minds.

Speak to those imaginations to remove or cast them down out of your mind , today.