Prayer for Inner Strength

What you will learn this episode:

Where does inner strength come from.

What is the result of inner strength.

Why do you need inner strength.


2014 New Years Prayer and Watch Service

What you will learn in this episode:

What is a Watch Service

What this year can have for you.


What is your purpose in Life as a child of God!

What you will Learn in this episode.

  • Your Status as a Child of God.
  • Your Responsibility as a Child of God
  • The Mystery of Christ.
  • How to recognize a child of Christ is by their kindness
  • Your Authority as a Child of Christ.

Praying with Confidence Pt. 2

You will learn the witnesses for praying with confidence

You will pray with confidence pt1.

Sunrise Prayer Service:

You will learn the first three tests to praying with confidence: