The Truth about Halloween_ Destroying Unhealthy Soul Ties episode 3A

The First Halloween night sacrificed firstborn children ( National Geographic, May 1977,pp.625-626).

Children were offered sacrifice to Baal another name is the Devil( Hislop, Alexander , The Two Babylons, p232).  This  why children are the main focus on Halloween.

Halloween’s purpose is to worship  Honor the Lord of the Dead (Thompson, Sue Ellen. Holiday Symbols and Customs, p251)

The First Jack-O-Lantern  comes from an  actual  cutoff human head.

What you will learn in this episode.

When was Halloween was started

Who Started Halloween.

Why pumpkins?

What about the witches?

What about owls?

To Learn so much more?

Download the Halloween flyer that is attached to this post?

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Destroying Unhealthy Soul Ties Relationships with people

What you will learn in this episode.

  1. What is a soul ties soul relationships?
  2. Are your soul ties healthy or unhealthy?
  3. What are curses?
  4. Am i growing in my relationships or soul ties?
  5. Are you growing in  church?
  6. Am i in a loving relationship or soul tie?

And So much more.