Co- Pastor Shirley Green at Dorothy Hart Community Center

   Co-Pastor Shirley Green is a dedicated vessel used by God to carry out his mission.

   The Profusion of Anointing bestowed upon her is so powerful that one cannot help but feel like more than a conqueror when in her presence. Without the aid and support of this truly virtuous woman this ministry would not be here.

   “Bringing her God-Given gifts and talents to the ministry as an Internationally Certified Image Consultant, Speaker, Weight-Loss Specialist, Make-up Artist and Stylist.”

   For years, Co-Pastor Shirley Green has devoted her time to helping build and strengthen the kingdom of God. Thanks to her bold, loving, and straight-forward teaching, preaching and “Enriching Esteem” and The Women With Many Hat’s workshops countless souls were saved.

   She stays devoted to strengthening the kingdom of God by encouraging individuals to build a substantial and intimate relationship with Christ.  She urges people not to hold themselves prisoners to the past, but to move forward with God’s plan for their lives in mind, Why? Because ultimately God is the deliverer of them all. Through her God- given Anointed Ministry many demons have been cast out. There has been an overwhelming abundance of Holy Ghost filled healing and deliverance that far surpasses our imaginations.

   Prophetess Green remains humbled and committed to reaching out to the lost and wounded souls. God has charged Prophetess Shirley Green to preach and teach the powerful and unadulterated word of God to all nations. This teaching has inspired many to research and study the word of God for themselves, and to live with their purpose in mind. Also, Co-Pastor Shirley Green has served many years in the ministry as a prophetess, soloist, teacher, intercessory prayer warrior, lay counselor, and as a technician for the sound ministry. Co-Pastor Green is currently studying at Southern New Hampshire University.

   She was appointed and commissioned and sent out by GOD, and IT IS HE WHO GIVES THE ORDERS. She operates in the office of prophecy boldly speaking God’s word, and we are truly blessed to have her.

   She serves alongside her husband Pastor & Founder Ted Green, of TRDM. With the continued support from her family, her motivation to impart the word of God continues to grow.

  Together they have three loving children and four grandchildren. Bless God!

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